childhood is the most important period in one’s life

What period in one’s life plays the most important role has attracted much social concern. Some people suppose childhood is the significant time for development of human beings. As far as I am concerned, I do agree with the statement.

First and foremost, what I put in my priority is physical development. It is clearly seen that babies develop the most quickly in the childhood period. Children’s body grows up daily and swiftly during three first years. The development in the period turns into essential fundamental to form healthy body. Thus, it significantly affects to body of humankind until they are old. More importantly, children’s brain also starts establishing cognition. In the period time, the nerves cells are improved too much, that creates connection between their awareness and the world. It is the most sensitive time of brain because they are easily affected by outside factor. The effects are likely to result in thought and behavior when they mature. Needless to say, the development of baby have remarkable influence on body and intelligent of people long time latter.

In the second place, what deserves my great attention is studying efficiency. It is widely known that people study the most quickly in their childhood. When they were born, the world around them likes a white paper. Whenever babies encounter a new interesting thing, they immediately save it on their memory. Clearly, they easily absorb the image about surround world.  More crucially, study methodology of children is absolutely special. They always try to imitate merely any images which they see and feel excited. They gradually learn new knowledge by an unawareness way. The lessons at the moment play significant role to form world outlook of human beings many year latter. Indeed, studying in childhood period creates golden chance for baby to look over the world.

Last but not least, family attachment is noteworthy. It is obvious that children’s characteristic often resemble of family members who interact with them frequently. The people turn into examples for them to grow up both physical and mental. Sons, for instance, often tend to like father, daughters want to mimic mother’s characteristic. More notably, children feel most clearly sentiment of their beloved people in this childhood period. Mother carry a child in the uterus during 9 months, after that the child is look after carefully by father, grant parent, brothers, etc. Sentiment of baby grows up with the care, basing to form cozy family relationship for a long time. Without doubt, babies in childhood time drive family members closer.

In summary, not only physical growth, studying efficiency but also family attachment is convincing reasons to prove the most important role of childhood in people’s life. I strongly recommend that parent should consider carefully my analysis to approach proper teaching methodology with their children.


4 thoughts on “childhood is the most important period in one’s life

  1. Gerald Delisle says:

    Totally love this post!❤️❤️❤️ it helped me find the reason why i am alieve and i find it totlly inspiring

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