Simple! I’m Mrsuccessvn

Hi all, I am Thanh, and I come from Hanoi, Vietnam.  I started working in Online Service and Social Media in 2007. I am in progress of making my dream, owning a global Online Service and Social Media, next 10 years.

About me:
I am: Passionate – Proactive – Ambitious – Social – Confident (PPASC)
I do: Live- Listen- Learn- Love- Lead (5L)
I live: in someone’s heart
I feel: Nothing is impossible

In the next 10 years, I want to own my own company about Online Service, Social Media and Globalization.
In the next 20 years, I found a charity fund, named MrSuccess, which assist children to go to school and live better.


Online Service, Social Media, Globalization

Contact information:

Name: Thanh Truong Cong

Birth: 12/09/1986

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Twitter :

Facebook :

LinkedIn :

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